Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Crazy Night!

Oh what a night. After I put Addy to bed last night, she woke up 4 times, screaming. She had to be calmed down every time. We still aren't sure what it was. Maybe her flu shot from the day before, maybe she wasn't completely tired, since she had a weird nap schedule yesterday. Maybe her teeth. She was fine today, so I have no idea. Hopefully it doesn't happen tonight!

Today was an unexciting day of shopping. We didn't find any of the Christmas presents we were looking for, but we did buy our first baby gate! Some exciting news though - we definitely have grass growing in the yard. There are a few blades I've seen here and there, but I wasn't sure if some of those were there from before construction. These blades I saw today were in the middle of the work area. Hopefully the rain tonight will help grow the grass too :)

Addy has been doing a few cute things lately. Today, I brought Addy over to my computer while I finished up an email message. When I closed my browser, and her picture (my desktop) showed up, she stared at it and gave the baby on the screen a huge smile. I guess she recognized herself. She is also starting to be able to catch herself if she falls to her side when she is sitting. Too bad she can't catch herself when she's falling backwards-that's usually the direction she's going.

Addy has also been funny in the bath. Josh gave her a bath the other night. First we put her feet in the water to let her know what's going on. Then we lay her down on the bath pad. Josh put her feet in the water, she started grunting and then started peeing. He said, Oh!, and pulled her out and she stopped peeing. He waited for awhile, but she didn't go anymore, so he put her feet back in. She grunted again and finished peeing. She peed in the bath for me today too. Apparently, she's started that gross habit up again!

And finally, for your enjoyment, 3 min of Addy laughing.

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