Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Weekend!

I was going to put this at the end....but the most exciting news of the weekend - Josh and I are going to be an aunt and uncle....Addy is going to have a cousin! Josh's sister Stephanie and his brother-in-law Jon are going to have a baby in June! Congrats guys!

Happy Halloween everyone!

We had a very busy holiday weekend. On Friday, we left bright and early for Fort Wayne, dropping Toby off at the puppy hotel beforehand. When we got to Grandma and Grandad Gentry's house, we helped celebrate Maddi's birthday. We all walked through the woods in preparation for the haunted woods that we would have later in the night. Addy did her teradactyl voice for most of the time, and she just kept smiling :) During the party, Addy slept, while mommy and daddy scared all of the kids! Afterward, Addy woke up and laughed at all the girls in their facepaint. It was very amusing :)

On Saturday we went to Great-Grandma Huber's 80th birthday party. Addy was good most of the night, except for the sleeping part. She decided she wasn't going to take a nap for anything. But we did go trick-or-treating around Aunt Barb's house and got lots of goodies. She then enjoyed a sour stick (see above). She loved eating the sugar, and didn't mind the sour part.

Sunday, we ate and relaxed until it was time for trick-or-treating. We walked around Grandma and Grandad Gentry's neighborhood and picked up lots of treats. We went around with Aunt Ally and Aunt Maddi and had a blast. (Daddy was the fisherman, Addy was the lobster, and mommy was the chef.) We hung out until it was time for bed.

Monday, we went to brunch with all the grandmas and grandpas, after trying on the witch slippers she got for Halloween. Addy ate the lemons, which she enjoyed :/ Such a weird child sometimes...just like aunt Sarah.... Then we drove all the way home. Addy was very good in the car, but eager to get out too. We quickly unpacked, just in time for the Colts game. Since we were just in time, we decided to feed Addy her dinner in the basement. She was sitting in her bumbo seat, and kept resting her head on the side of it. At first we were confused, but she kept doing it to the same side. We looked for what she was looking at, and realized she was looking into Toby's room, trying to find him! We hadn't gotten home early enough from Indiana to pick him up from the puppy hotel, so he wasn't home. It was soooo cute :)

When we got home, we of course had to go and check out the construction in the backyard. Before we left, the wall was about waist high. Now it's above Josh's head!

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