Sunday, August 29, 2010

Church Shenanigans

Sunday morning was very interesting. Addy was falling asleep on the way to church, but then woke up once we sat down. She stayed in her car seat, until just before the readings. The sound system had been acting up all morning so far, but this was bad. People were covering their ears from the feedback - it was probably a full 2 minutes before they got it turned off. Clapping erupted, and the service could continue :) Addy, just as the feedback was starting, got a worried look on her face, the look right before she gets upset, so I took her out to let her know it was ok and to cover her tiny little ears. She was then pretty good until a smell and loud grunting started to commence during the homily. I took her out to the back to change the diaper, and we met Claire, a 1 month old who is having the same weight gain problems Addy is! Then we went back to sit with daddy again.

At this point, we were praying the Lord's prayer, and daddy went to grab Addy's hand, because mommy's were holding her. Unexpectedly, Addy thought this was snack time and tried to eat daddy's fingers. Just another day, in the world of Addy.

Today we went to the GI specialist doctor to see why Addy isn't gaining weight quick enough and why she is hungry all the time. They weighed her first thing--with a slightly wet diaper on, she was 11 lbs, 15 oz. Much closer to what we think she is! Basically the doctor thinks she's fine, she just started out gaining weight slow and is now trying to catch up. So we are going to put a little extra formula powder in her bottles, just to get her those few extra calories. That should help her get up to a little bit better weight and hopefully she'll stop needing to eat so often too!! Every 1-2 hours gets rough when we are out and about!

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