Sunday, August 15, 2010

New Tastes

Addy's last few days have been full of new tastes! She now plays with the toy in this picture and she puts in her mouth sometimes. She also enjoys chewing on burp rags and fingers. On Thursday, she put her toes in her mouth for the first time. She promptly spit them out and gave me a disgusted face. Apparently she already has stinky, gross feet :) Also, when she has her new medicine, she seems to not like it at first, but then is ok with it, so maybe she just isn't expecting that taste when we put it in her mouth. However, we do give her a little water with her medicine, and she LOVES it. She smiles when we squirt the water in and sort of tries to drink it out of the syringe. It's super cute!

Most of the week was spent in the house, avoiding going outside. We met with a few landscaping people for the backyard. We also went back to try to get more pics taken at Baby's R Us, but big surprise, she didn't want to cooperate again. We did get a few cute shots, and our free picture, but there weren't enough good pics to really buy too much. Then last night, it was mommy's night out with her other mommy friends. Daddy did a good job all by himself for a few hours :) And then today during church, Addy decided she would sing when no one else was, just to keep the music going :)

One last fun fact: daddy likes to blow on Addy's legs to make fart noises and see her smile. Today she decided to fart right back-daddy did NOT appreciate it!

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