Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Model to be....maybe

Today was a shopping day. We needed to get out of the house, so we decided to go to the outlet mall to get a walk in and to give Addy something else to explore. She fell asleep right before we left, and slept all the way to our first stop, Babys R Us. She woke up once we got there, but we didn't really find anything we wanted. So we started to leave, and we got stopped by one of the girls who was working the new portrait studio there. She asked if we had time, she had a trainee and she was wondering if Addy could be a "practice" baby. They tried a few different positions, food, etc., but Addy was just still so tired, so she was cranky and didn't want to cooperate. But we have a free appt. on Friday and we get a free picture of her then, just for helping out. Hopefully she'll cooperate more then :)

We went over to the outlet mall then for about an hour and a half and Addy slept almost the whole time. That's strange, since the past few days, she hasn't slept more than an hour for a nap at all! She is a crazy sleeper, but of course the most important is that she sleeps all night!

She is also starting to become a little more interested in toys. She still doesn't reach out for them, but she is starting to play with them, if you put them close to her hands. She can occasionally hold her own bottle up, all by herself for about 5 seconds, she can stand with little support for about 5 seconds, and she is starting to love sitting in her Bumbo seat, since she is getting close to sitting. Her green bouncer will have to be retired soon, as she is trying to sit up in that too, which is not allowed!

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