Tuesday, August 3, 2010

New Trick!

All kinds of new things going on today! Addy has been having stomach issues the past few days-mostly spitting up a lot more than usual, and getting really upset at night when we try to lay her on her back. So we called the doctor, and she started a new medicine today. Instead of a liquid, this is a dissolvable tab. We just put half the tab in her mouth, then wash it down with water 2X a day. This morning it went ok, we'll see if it continues!

Today, Addy and I were playing in the basement. She was in a good mood, so I thought I'd put her on her tummy to play for a little bit. All of a sudden she was on her back and started crying right away. I didn't know if I just put her on her side accidentally or if she really turned over, so once she calmed down and had a little food, I thought I'd try again. She played for a little bit, fussed then used her right arm to push herself just a little bit, and she rolled over her left side onto her back. This time she was excited and smiley. Now, if she puts her two moves together-back to belly, and belly to back, with the direction she can turn, she could be mobile and roll across the room! Scary stuff :)

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