Monday, August 23, 2010

Travelling Like a Big Girl!

Since daddy's been gone (24 hours!), Addy's already had big changes! Last night, she had her first big girl ride in her umbrella stroller. That means she rode facing the front, instead of backwards.

Then today, we adjusted the straps on her car seat. We had to raise them since she is getting so big! I also cleaned her seat cushion, although that is more because it smelled like coffee (who's fault could that have been?!).

Addy met a new boy today, a toddler who lives in the neighborhood named Luke. She was doing her normal shy smile while she turns away her head--so cute!!

She is tolerating rice in her milk just fine, though it still isn't filling her up. We'll give it a little more time...

PS-We will miss you Grandma Damman, enjoy heaven until we all meet again.

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