Sunday, August 8, 2010

Look Who's Talking!

Sorry its been awhile, but I've been working on a new video for you!

Friday, Addy and I went shopping most of the day. We went to the grocery store, Sam's Club and Baby's R Us. Then we all went on a nice long walk around Creve Coeur Lake-everyone really enjoyed it :)

Yesterday, we started to reorganize the kitchen which we finished today. We spent a little time outside both days, but it sure is warm here. It's not supposed to be any better the whole next week-high 90s everyday :(

Addy is doing so much new stuff. As the video shows, she's definitely starting to "talk" alot, she likes to fall asleep by herself on the couch and she fits well into all of her adorable 3-6 mo. outfits now!

Enjoy the video:

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