Sunday, August 1, 2010

End of the Year!

Well, we've been busy with daily life here. Just starting our weight loss challenge, so far, so good. Thursday night, we made jello and pumpkin bread for Josh's end of year work party. Friday, Josh left a present on his boss's desk-her stapler inside of jello (see above). Anyone who watches the office understands :) It went over very well.

Yesterday, Josh mowed the yard and got all our hoses outside hooked up while I started cleaning out the office. Still messy, but not nearly as bad as it was! He also started a new gym-one that is cheaper and much closer to home, which is very exciting. Also, we got some terrible news--one of my favorite Cardinals has been traded to San Diego :(

Addy is doing well-we are starting to figure her out more and more. We need to up her Zantac dose now that she's bigger, because its not working, especially at night anymore. She can really grab your fingers now and she has a very strong bite--just ask her daddy! She has also slept in her big baby bed (her crib in her own room) the past two nights. She doesn't seem to notice that it's different, so we are definitely ok with that! Now we just need to prepare-its supposed to be 100 degrees on Tuesday and close to that hot Mon. and Wed. We might just camp out in the basement for those few days.

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