Thursday, August 26, 2010

Doctor Visit

Today, Addy slept alot during the morning. She was pretty crabby, would eat a little, then fall asleep for 20 min and repeat. Finally I was able to get a shower, and we went to Dewey's Pizza to have lunch with daddy. The calzones were delicious :)

After pizza, we went to the doctor. Addy gained less than a pound in the past 2 months :/ She is now 10 lbs, 10 oz and in the 4th percentile. The doctor wants us to go to a GI doctor just to make sure her belly is ok, but since she is on track developmentally, she should be just fine. She also got 4 more shots today :( She did really well with them though and has been in a good mood all night. Well see what happens, we all know about her 4th day... :)

The weather is gorgeous here-we love going for our walks this week! The picture above is a picture of the single studio portrait we got (for free!) It's hanging in our freshly painted bedroom.

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