Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Only a little longer...

Last night was fun. Usually Addy goes right back to sleep after her last bottle at night. Of course not last night-she wanted to play and mommy was ready to sleep! She did take a good nap though this morning, so we all had a nap!

Last night, while she was NOT sleeping, she was laying next to me on our bed, just relaxing. I saw her pacifier had fallen out, and since that many times causes her eyes to close, we give it to her when it's sleepy time. Last night I just left it lay, and the next time I looked down at her, she had it in her mouth!! She's pushed it in before and played with it, but this was the first time she took it from next to her and put it in her mouth! Yea Addy!

Today was a day of running errands and surviving til daddy comes home. Tonight we were hanging out in the backyard, watching the puppy do tricks, and Addy started gumming my wrist. Soon she was making fart noises w/her mouth, just like daddy does to her. She seemed to know that it was her making those noises, because she'd sit back, then do it again. Super cute! She went to sleep pretty easily tonight, so hopefully she stays asleep!

PS-Addy is a style queen!

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