Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Let's go to the Mall!

Since it would be completely INSANE to be outside for more than about 5 seconds, Addy and I went to the mall to do our walk for today. The actual high was 100, which is better than yesterday's 101! Eh, it is miserable, so we stay inside.

We tried out a different mall, one I think I've only been to once. It was ok, not my favorite, but it worked as a walking workout. We went into Hot Topic and saw the spot where Jordan's cd was supposed to be, but they were out! Too bad we still can't find his song on any of our radio stations. I've even requested it on one of the websites, but haven't heard it :(

Addy's got a new fun trick instead of peeing on me. For example, yesterday after a nap, I thought I get her diaper changed. It wasn't very wet, but I decided to change it anyway. She was then in a good mood, smiling-I thought because I had just changed her diaper. It turns out that she was making that fresh diaper wet. So I waited about 2 minutes to make sure she was done and when I went to change her, the whole side of her outfit was wet! She goes through about 3 outfits a day, just because of her excessive peeing. Oh wait-we are proud parents. We have the best peeing baby ever!! :)

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