Monday, August 9, 2010


Nothing too exciting today. We were supposed to have a few people come out to look at our yard today, but we didn't hear from anyone. We'll see....

Addy's doing pretty good. She doesn't like to be in the house all day, but when its so hot, there isn't much we can do. Apparently her sleep schedule was not just a weekend thing. Saturday she slept in until 8, yesterday until 7 and today until 7:30. That is awesome, except for she, at most, now has been taking 1 hour naps during the day. But I'm enjoying her sleeping in, but if she's going to keep this up, it would be awesome if we could shift her bedtime up a few hours to let daddy get up with her and then we could have some time in the evening to ourselves. We'll work on it.

Tonight, daddy was playing with Addy and she was getting very excited when he would tickle by her neck and on her sides. Her feet are also slightly ticklish, so it should be very fun soon!

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