Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Funny Things

Last night, after our nightly walk, we video chatted the Gentry family before bed-it was fun :)

Today we took Toby to the vet; he was very scared. He hid under the chairs mommy was sitting in. He did pretty well though. This afternoon, in between many naps, Addy was being super cute. She is starting to realize how hilarious she is. She was trying to talk through the hiccups and would smile when her talking was interrupted. She thinks her sneezes are hilarious, looks confused when mommy sneezes, and is usually scared by daddy's sneezes! She also gets a little more ticklish everyday. She's also doing well so far with her first full day of "extra calorie" bottles-4oz every 3 hours. Hopefully it helps fatten her up!

Today was Addy's first bath with just mommy (daddy was at happy hour w/work). It went really well-she was in a good mood. Then we went for a sweaty walk. It is supposed to rain a lot in the next two days, so it might be our last outside walk for a few days!

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  1. she's saying, "what's the basis?!"