Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Daddy's Home!!

Yea! Daddy came home tonight. Everyone is excited, especially Toby :)

This morning, baby and I went on a walk at the lake. It was very disappointing though-we were trying to make the 3.7 mile loop in an hour. It took 1 hour and 3 min :( next time we shall conquer!!!

Then we spent the afternoon cleaning up the house before daddy got back. Then daddy got home at dinnertime! We ate (Addy played w/her spoon at dinner...hopefully she'll really start to like it so that she will enjoy feeding time with a spoon) and then went outside for a little bit. So much fun!

I have definitely found, now that Addy likes to grab things all of a sudden, that it is easier to get her to go to sleep if she's holding a burp rag. Otherwise, she pulls her pacifier out and can't get it back in :)

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