Monday, August 16, 2010

Modeling again

Today were Addy's official 3 month pictures. Yes, I know she'll be 4 months old on Saturday, but since these were outside pictures, it took until today, almost a full month, to get a beautiful day to take them. For most of the time, she wasn't crying (yea!) but she wasn't smiling either. She was more interested in just taking everything in. Some of the shots seemed cute, so hopefully we should have those pictures back within a week.

Today we also decided to try messing with her bedtime to get her on a little better schedule. We'll see if it worked. Instead of letting her sleep in until 7, Josh got her up at her old normal time of 5:30. She did go to bed earlier, and hopefully she stays asleep now. Today her schedule was pretty strange though. She wanted to eat about every hour, but only 1-2 oz at a time. She only really stayed awake for an hour, before she would take a 20 min nap, then be up for an hour, etc. Hopefully tomorrow she can get on a little better schedule again, with staying up a little longer, sleeping a little longer and back to 2 hours in between feedings, which is still too much, but hopefully the doctor calls me back tomorrow to see if we can get her started on some cereal.

Today was a gorgeous day outside, hopefully it stays this way!!

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